Stölzle Glass Group

The aim of this Austrian company is to be the first choice partner for both their customers and their employees, through establishing a culture of reciprocal trust and by striving for first class performance, flexibility, and reliability. This will earn and enable them to sustain a leading role in their HEALTHCARE, PERFUMERY & COSMETICS markets.

Stölzle Glass Group has been manufacturing high quality glass packaging for many years. The six European glassworks operate under a centrally controlled production and quality system that provides back-up to the various plants, ensuring constant high-level quality and flexibility.

In 2017, the Stölzle Glass Group with its six production sites and three decoration facilities was honored by the European Enterprise Awards for being the Best Packaging Glass Provider in Central Europe.

The expert in high-end packaging glass

  • More than 200 years of experience in the production of glass
  • 6 production sites in Austria, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic and Poland
  • 3 decoration sites in Great Britain, France and Poland
  • 2450 employees worldwide
  • 3 billion glass containers produced per year
  • Europe’s only manufacturer of packaging glass aimed at Pharma, Perfumery & Cosmetics markets
  • One-stop-shop for development, production, decoration and closures

Certification of the Stölzle Glass Group

Stölzle Glass Group sets quality standards in glass production. The Austrian headquarters, Stölzle-Oberglas GmbH, was the first European manufacturer to adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, and was awarded an Austrian certification (Austria Gütezeichen) as well.

In addition to this national certification the Glass Group possesses ISO 9001 certification as well. A further milestone was set by adhering to BRC/IoP standards for food packaging and obtaining the official certification in autumn 2009 for the Austrian production site.

The single plants of the Glass Group all adhere to ISO 9001. In addition and depending on the strategic orientation of the production site, they manufacture either according to GMP or standard guidelines for food packaging.