PROVA'S great adventure

Founded in 1946, PROVA is first and foremost the story of a family business that, thanks to the passion and expertise of its teams, continues to enhance the profile of its unique positioning as the “expert in sweet brown flavourings” within the food industry. Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee and a large palette of Gourmet notes stand as the standard-bearers. Merging the olfactory and technical worlds led to the idea for an aromatic palette that has developed and extended over time.

An aromatic signature on 5 continents

What are the secrets of its international success? A thorough knowledge of local tastes, consumption patterns and the gastronomic culture of individual countries. In addition to this, it boasts an effective distribution system via its subsidiaries and networks of agents, selected for their well-chosen locations, expertise in the sale of speciality products and locally based application laboratories and production sites.
PROVA has relocated its laboratories to different parts of the world in order to improve its effectiveness and get closer to the taste preferences of our various markets. PROVA now has labs in Asia, in North and South America and South Africa.

Long-term commitments

  • EXPERTISE is our foundation
  • PASSION our momentum

A sourcing of excellence

PROVA's expertise is expressed first and foremost through the excellence of its sourcing. Only a good knowledge of the growing area and a relationship of trust with its producers can guarantee optimal product quality. Together with an ongoing commitment to identify and secure the very finest raw materials, PROVA has an in-depth knowledge of its producers which whom solid partnerships have been forged over the years. This huge supply volume makes PROVA one of the world largest importers of vanilla beans and makes a major contribution to the quality assurance and competitiveness that PROVA owe to its clientele.


In order to optimally extract the essence from its raw materials, PROVA has devised extraction techniques ideally suited to the products they are intended to flavour. It is this unique technological diversity that constitutes the strength of PROVA and sets it apart from the competition. PROVA is the third largest vanilla extracting company in the world, ensuring it a leading position in its specialist areas.

Flavour creation

At PROVA, we make good use of our sensory experiences, our solid knowledge of all raw materials and a healthy dose of creativity and curiosity when formulating an individual new flavouring or a new range of flavours. Olfactory and taste nuances blend harmoniously to tell a new tale every single time. Flavourists and application engineers, all sensory experts, work together to tempt our tastebuds... for example to create a new flavouring, conceal an undesirable note, alter the sensory profile of a product by changing its signature.

PROVA, a world leader in vanilla extraction

Since 1946, PROVA’s history has been intimately linked to vanilla. At first our sole specialty, it grew steadily along the years, making PROVA one of the major players in the vanilla extraction industry.

The core of Prova's specialities

Inspired by a long tradition of myths and legends, vanilla, the queen of spices, continues even today to evoke desire, and is still the most popular and well-loved spice on all five continents.
Our vanilla beans come mainly from Madagascar, the number one worldwide producer of the finest BOURBON qualities. The Comoros, Uganda, India, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti are among our other sources of supply.


Our cocoa comes from West Africa, mainly Ivory Coast and Ghana, and are processed into a powerful and highly aromatic extract.

PROVA, a pioneer in cocoa extraction

Since 1985, we have been exploring beyond chocolate, improving and enlarging our product line, offering a compelling cocoa extender for chocolate containing products.


We source our coffee beans from many producing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.
PROVA, one of the most comprehensive coffee ranges of the market.
Since 1990, coffee so rich in flavour, has inspired us to create a complete range of extracts of different geographical regions and varieties, using pure origins and blends.

The gourmet notes range:

Our expertise in vanilla, cocoa and coffee has naturally led us to extend the concept of gourmet flavours, shaping our identity of “The expert in sweet brown flavourings”
Inspired by our comprehensive portfolio, our flavour creation team invites you on a journey to the heart of traditional sweet recipes, with a wide palette of sweet brown flavouring notes satisfying consumers’ tastes around the world
Our sweet brown gourmet range divides in five big families:

  • GOURMET (Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery)
  • NUTS

Bakery notes: Brownie, Biscuit, Cookies & cream, Lebkuchen, Speculoos, and Gingerbread

Pastry notes: Crème brûlée, Tiramisu, Zabaglione, Pudding, Apple pie, Panettone, Black Forest, Apfelstrudel

Confectionery notes: French nougat, Praline paste, Gianduja, Cotton candy

Caramel: Fudge caramel, Sweet caramel, Toffee, Butterscotch, Dulce de Leche, Roasted caramel, Coumarin like, Fudge

Nuts: Hazelnut, Almond, Chestnut, Pistachio, Coconut, Pecan, Peanut, Walnut, Pine

Dairy: Milk, Condensed milk, Butter, Cream, Panna cotta, Yoghurt

Others: Honey, Malt, Chai, Earl Grey, Ginger, Fig, Licorice, Maple, Sugar, Enhancer