LUTZ Company

Providing the valuable ingredients in optimized primary packaging is fundamental to successfully marketing products. By maintaining rigorous standards, LUTZ packaging in Germany is one of a very few suppliers able to meet the demand for special solutions at a high level of quality.

LUTZ production programme consists of ampoules, vials and aroma tubes as primary packaging of pharmaceutical, biological, cosmetical and technical substances. As a system supplier we are offering complete packaging solutions: development, production and decoration of primary packaging, supply of secondary packaging as well as of closure and dosing systems up to assistance during the filling process.

Quality assurance is a carefully planned and meticulously regulated process. LUTZ packaging always carries out this process quality. The more specific the customer demands, the more evident are the quality advantages offered by LUTZ-made ampoules and vials. All our processes are set down in writing according to GMP. Quality management system guarantees data security and traceability by EDP-assistance even years later.

LUTZ Products


* Ampoules offer special benefits and safety for liquids used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field. LUTZ offers ampoules in clear and amber glass of the 1st hydrolytical class. We owe our state-of-the-art production lines to the synergies in the tooling shop of our mother company LUTZ Pumpen. We produce all customary ampoules according to DIN EN ISO 9187. Our products comply with the highest international quality standards. In respect to protection against counterfeiting we follow our method of printing directly to the glass body.

Our Ampoules programmer consists of:

  • Ampoules type B and type C
  • Closed ampoules type D
  • Ampoules with two bulbs
  • Colour-break ampoules
  • Score ring ampoules
  • One-Point-Cut (OPC) ampoules
  • Printed ampoules acc. to specifications


* Our vials range is very wide and can be used in various application areas. The production is running with proven molding systems and well-engineered equipment. All vials are optimally prepared for rational and safe processing with high quality and quantity stability. The clean room packaging is available as well.

Our vials program:

  • Injection vials
  • Rimmed vials
  • Screw thread vials
  • Snap-on cap vials (pill vials)
  • Made of clear or amber glass
  • Optional: complete with stopper system
  • Special models on request

Individual packaging

* Our new decorated vials of our luxury line gain from our long-term experience in producing vials for pharmacy and nutrition. Use this special primary packaging for your top cosmetic ingredients.

The following decoration is available:

  • Galvano silver metallization
  • Transparent shiny or dull
  • A) complete or
  • B) decorative varnish in the colors white, blue, purple, orange, red
  • Gold / silver color dull or black shiny (for light-sensitive products)
  • Optional: complete with stopper and/or dropping pipette System
  • Special models on request

Aroma Tubes

* To top off our delivery program we offer you also aroma tubes with or without caps, printed or unprinted. The aroma tubes are very suitable for liquid or fluid substances and are an interesting product for a very special market. Furthermore, aroma tubes can be used also for special marketing actions.

  • Flavorings
  • Perfumes
  • Essences / biological substances
  • Product samples / marketing actions
  • Innovative application ideas
  • Product samples printed on request
  • Optional: complete with stopper system, smell stick, etc.
  • Special models on request

Sealing systems

* Our sealing product range is manifold and has been continuously adapted to customers´ needs. From the classical screw-type caps up to individualized designs, we are developing very sophisticated sealing solutions in collaboration with our partners.

Our sealing systems

  • Screw caps
  • Snap beading
  • Snap caps
  • Lamellae stoppers with/without spacers
  • Dosing systems
  • Pipettes
  • Spraying pumps
  • Special models on request

Packaging solutions

* Primary packaging, too, must be packed well so that it reaches its destination safely. Besides offering customers safety and reliability, our proven full shrink wrap packaging provides another clear advantage:

Minimal packaging material and improved production hygiene combined with lower recycling costs.

The wide array of packing solutions available ranges from classic grey cardboard carton to plastic trays, and poly-ethylene shrink wrap stacked upon wooden or aluminum pallets. Unique packing solutions are always available to meet the requirements of the customer and the Job.

LUTZ packaging also complies with international import regulations. Wooden pallets, in particular, are treated individually and specially to conform to the guidelines of respective countries.

The aluminum pallet is the perfect packing solution to meet the highest standards. These pallets protect against pollution and brilliantly withstand the most extreme conditions, especially in critical climactic regions.