Our Factory

Our Company

The MTC Pharma-Center in Pruszków, Poland, belongs to the family-owned MTC Holding Group with the headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
Our MTC Pharma-Center was built as a manufacturing plant for pharmaceutical flexible foils on the green field in 1999.
The conception of our machinery, the production process, the hygienic standard, the quality management - everything was and is focused on printing foils for the pharmaceutical industry.
We know the demanding requirements of our customers and we meet them on a very high level, but we always question our systems and we are continually working on this with our partners within the pharmaceutical industry.We have also responded to the needs of the market, for example, via producing even small orders, including multicolored foils. Many international pharmaceutical concerns such as GSK, Novartis and Sanofi are our customers. Our exports have seen a strong increase we currently deliver to more than 22 countries.
We see ourselves as a very flexible, highly specialized and independent company.

Our Products

We strive to offer our customers all types of pharmaceutical foils, including 20 and 25 my aluminium foils, aluminium/PE laminates, sachet foils in several specifications, child resistant foils, counterfeit-proof foils, foils with conductive tracks and many others.
Additionally we offer aluminium foils for the food industry and several laminates for the cosmetics industry.
Of course it is our goal to provide our customers with the most optimal packing material possible. That means, among other things, that the packing material meets all the requirements of “Patient Compliance” in medical therapy. We are qualified to advise our customers on the optimal packaging in such cases.
New products and specifications necessitated by the market are taken very quickly into our product portfolio.
If you would like to see details about our product palette, please see the attached specifications information sheet!

Some of Our Solutions

Foils for intelligent blister systems

In 2006 and 2008 we participated in the EU-funded project “MEDI-VOICE” (this consortium of various companies had the task to develop a cheap and compact packaging solution for blister systems, in order to meet the needs of Europe’s blind, illiterate and aging populations). Since that time, it has become our goal to participate in developing, improving and producing intelligent blister systems. Printed conductive tracks, printed energy sources, passive RFID systems and integrated chips -- there are endless possibilities. We are working on projects and solutions.

Foils against counterfeiting

The US-based „Center for Medicines in the Public Interest“ estimated that counterfeit drug sales would reach US$ 75 billion globally in 2010, an increase of more than 90% from 2005. Obviously it is necessary to combat that by a various means. One of these means is the appropriate printing of the primary packaging with visible or hidden features.
We offer a wide range of solutions. We are happy to discuss further details in a personal conversation at any time.

Packaging material improves “Patient Compliance”

MTC is a member of HCPC Europe (Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council, www.hcpc-europe.org), which was founded in 2003. HCPC is a non-profit organization which aims to improve medical therapy by optimizing the design of packaging materials. In Germany the costs of non-compliance are around 13 billion euro per year (13% of all health care expenditures). Non-compliance causes thousands of deaths.
We gladly advise our customers on how to improve the product design to be in line with “Patient Compliance”. There are many possibilities for designing the recognizability and distinctiveness of a product.

Child resistant blister foils

Nowadays there are several regulations in European countries regarding the packing material for medicine which could be misused by children with fatal consequences. On the other hand this packing material should be senior citizen friendly. To meet these needs and in order to be prepared for a European-wide solution, we are offering several specifications.

of our state-of-the-art production

Rotogravure Printing Press

up to 9 colours
800 mm width

advantages and possibilities:
very small printing tolerances
double-sided print
highest quality print
also for small production lots

Flexo Printing Presses

up to 9 colours
several printing presses
width 400 mm and more
printing units 3 and more

advantages and possibilities:
also for very small production lots
standard printing tolerances
high quality print
HD cliche possible


1350 mm width

advantages and possibilities:
solvent-based, water-based or
solvent-free lamination,
inside-print lamination

Slitting Machines

1000 mm width - rewinding unit
1000 mm width
500 mm width

Punching Machines

6 machines
320 - 500 mm width

advantages and possibilities:
different shapes and different sizes

Quality Management and Laboratory

The quality management and the laboratory are something like the heart of our company. This departments determine and supervise all issues relating to quality:
- 100% quality control
- proper archiving
- all of our standards
- implementation of new raw materials and means of production
- audits

We are working according to the standards of:
- ISO 9001
- ISO 15378 Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Products
- HACCAP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
- Enviromental Management System ISO 14001
- Occupational Safely and Health Manage- ment System OHSAS18001

We are working in accordance with an implemented and continuously improved Integrated Quality Management System. All the standards mentioned above are integrated.